There are a large number of ways to make a desired effective landing page design. You can choose any way you like and make any type of page as per your own perception. But, there are some standards and basic features that everyone is required to adopt to make the squeeze page design profitable for a very long term. Such standards are very easy to follow and carry out as per the available resources. Following are some guidelines regarding those features and standards. You are recommended to follow these guidelines if you want to come up with an effective squeeze page design for your website:

If you are new in the field of squeeze page design, then you would probably like to make a highly attractive and decorative landing page design by including all eye-catching features in it. However, if you go through some views and experiences of landing page design experts as well as the target audience, you will come to know that simple landing page enjoy more priority and recommendation as compared to those squeeze page designs that are highly embellished by adding unnecessary features and content. The simple designs are considered to be highly professional and are more likely to attract the target online visitors.

Include Images or Videos
This is the age of technology and everything has become fast paced. Today, everyone is a lot busier and find ways to spend minimum time on other things. You may have realized about the fact that people these days don’t like to indulge in reading the content and they think it as tedious and time-wasting task. Today, videos and images are more preferably and frequently watched by the targeted online visitors. So whatever your message, objective or offer is, it is better to demonstrate it to your targeted online audiences with help of videos and images.

Call-to-Action (CTA) button
This is one of the main features of a landing page design and you can’t afford to exclude it or to have a badly managed and organized CTA. The conversion rate of your landing page design also mainly depends upon this feature.  This feature encourages your online visitors to take a particular action. You need to design and place it in such a way that your online visitors can easily notice it and follow it as soon as they land on your page. Follow these guidelines, and you will surely have a successful landing page design.

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